Pump solution for London wastewater tunnels

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U.S.-based GIW Industries, part of the German KSB Group, is incorporating large-size SKF bearings in its 60-ton pumps that will help protect London’s growing population from sewage overflow from the River Thames in the coming years. The pumps are the largest wastewater pumps ever made and will be used to redirect as much as 3 million gallons of water per hour into the Lee Tunnel to protect London’s 150-year-old sewer network, which can no longer accommodate the volume of sewage and rainwater.

The 23-foot-diameter Lee Tunnel is the first of two tunnels that will help prevent pollution from some 43 million tons of sewage and storm water every year, thus creating a cleaner Thames. The 4-mile-long tunnel runs from 100 to 230 feet deep; the 60-ton pumps have a power rating of 3.4 MW each.

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