Replacement benefits with split spherical roller bearings

Replacement benefits with split spherical roller bearings

Spherical roller bearings

SKF Cooper has introduced a new range of split spherical roller bearings in the 231 series that offers multiple customer benefits. Typically used in mining conveyor and stacker/reclaimer applications, these bearings are very robust and reliable.

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Bearings in the series are available in open (unsealed) and sealed versions and in shaft diameters ranging from 240 to 450 millimeters (9.5 to 17.7 inches). The new bearings offer many advantages, including reduced production losses and a lower hazard risk to workers, as well as a much shorter mean time to repair, as they can be replaced in situ. They also offer an improved shaft fit and run at lower noise and vibration levels compared with competing products. The sealed version increases reliability, thanks to improved exclusion of contaminants, and enables lower grease consumption, thus reducing the environmental impact.

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