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Engineering Competence
SKF Black Design and SKF bearing integration

SKF Black Design

Saving weight is currently a huge challenge for the aerospace industry. Enhancing performance or achieving lower emissions can offer manufacturers [...]
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The Floatgen wind turbine

Harnessing the wind at sea

Offshore wind power is one of the most promising sources of renewable energy. In France, an innovative programme is under way: the installation of an [...]
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Beehives situated at SKF’s company retreat, Slottsviken.

Bee good

Despite their propensity to sting if bothered, bees are one of mankind’s best friends in the natural world. They contribute greatly to the [...]
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Boralex wind power

An industrial approach

With its roots in paper manufacturing, Boralex is now a major player in the onshore wind power industry in France. The company operates in a dynamic [...]
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New range of water pumps

New range of water pumps

With the launch of a new range of water pumps for commercial vehicles, owners and maintainers of commercial vehicles can now benefit from SKF quality [...]
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Engineering Competence
The LEAP engine represents a major technological step forward.

A giant LEAP forward

Never before has an aircraft engine sparked such enthusiasm as LEAP. This new-generation engine, developed by Safran and GE Aviation through CFM [...]
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Underwater stabilizer fin replacement

Underwater stabilizer fin replacement

Beneath the waterline, most modern cruise vessels are equipped with a pair of hydraulically controlled stabilizer fins that can be deployed to [...]
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