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Bearings for next-generation aircraft engines

SKF is supplying CFM International – a joint venture between U.S.-based GE Aviation and Snecma in France – with main shaft and gearbox bearings for [...]
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Rolling bearings TC 4 meets GPS TC 213

As soon as the new version of ISO 492 is published, rolling bearing dimensional tolerances and the ISO systems of limits and fits can be based on the [...]
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Small slewing bearings

In June 2001, SKF launched its new line of L-shape slewing bearings to cover small machinery applications ranging from aerial work platforms and [...]
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Wind power made easier

A new wind turbine simplifies the mechanics in machinery, bringing down maintenance costs considerably.If there is one aspect to modern, [...]
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Maintenance-free universal joint bearings

SKF has developed universal joint bearings with a service life of 1 million kilometers (620,000 miles). The bearings eliminate the need for [...]
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Fewer vibrations

Consumers are about to experience a revolution in their laundry rooms, thanks to the autobalancing technology from SKF Autobalance Systems. The [...]
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The attraction of magnetic bearings

Active magnetic bearings mark a new era in combining electrical and mechanical systems. They offer considerable benefits in extreme high-speed [...]
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