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On the waterfront

Renowned by tourists as a small part of paradise, the tropical island of Saint Martin is blessed by an idyllic climate and scenic, sun-kissed [...]
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Energy in the air

As its technology improves and costs drop, wind power is becoming the power of choice by utilities and communities throughout the world. It is a [...]
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Wind power made easier

A new wind turbine simplifies the mechanics in machinery, bringing down maintenance costs considerably.If there is one aspect to modern, [...]
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Remote switchgear

Within the power generation industry, the adjustment of gas flow into turbines has been done through homemade mechanisms developed on an ad hoc [...]
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In-depth piping

A new pipe-laying vessel, the CSO Deep Blue, is pushing the envelope of what is possible in deepwater piping. It will have the capacity to lay more [...]
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Wind in the sales

A new generation of wind generators, called Windformer and developed by ABB, has in a pilot project carried out in Västerås, Sweden, been shown to [...]
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Engineering Competence

Partnership offers opportunities in heat treatment

Heat treatment is a vital operation in bearing production. It requires both engineering and gas technology expertise. To strengthen and support the [...]
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