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Training to troubleshoot

The oil and gas industry places special demands on pumps in its production and pipeline systems. Reliability and durability are musts, as is the [...]
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Strategic marine segment contract

SKF will supply China Oilfield Services Limited, one of China’s largest ship owners, with propulsion shaft components and application engineering [...]
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A strike for a good cause

Recognizing the achievements of young players with intellectual disabilities is part of the mission of the Kim Källström Trophy, presented at the [...]
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Digital Technology

Going digital on the factory floor

EthosEnergy, an equipment service provider for the power, oil and gas and industrial sectors, has found an excellent cloud-based solution for data [...]
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Engineering Competence

Next generation of modelling and simulation techniques

SKF is introducing new modelling and simulation techniques that enable software tools to be used more as a method of analysis than as a method of [...]
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Taking the plunge

SKF Blohm + Voss Industries has achieved a daring world first – removing a ship’s fin stabilizer while the vessel was still in the water.
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A dream come true

Archaeologist Marc Waelkens turned a childhood fascination with Turkish antiquity into an illustrious career. In the process, he profoundly changed [...]
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