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The Buckeye Bullet

At the Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats each year hundreds of vehicles of every description thunder across the vast plain in an effort to set a land [...]
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Electrical and fire-safe bearings for ventilator motors

Electrical motors for fan arrangements are increasingly used with power frequency converters for variable-air-volume ventilation systems or in fire [...]
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Hybrid bearings in oil-free air conditioning and refrigeration compressors

In future, compressors used in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems could be designed to avoid the use of oil for lubrication. The [...]
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Hybrid bearings for electrical machinery

Hybrid bearings can prolong the service life of electrical motors, machine tools, fluid machinery, etc., where the operating conditions may include [...]
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Fast and accurate

Creating machine tools that are both fast and accurate is a challenge. Japan’s Matsuura Machinery Corporation has got the right mix.Matsuura [...]
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World record in inline skating

Danish skater Jacob Csizmadia has set a world record in indoor inline skating – 505 kilometres in 24 hours. Using ultra-light inline skates [...]
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Ceramics stand up to harsh realities

Ceramic materials offer the ability to solve bearing-related problems previously insoluble using conventional materials.Ceramic materials are hard [...]
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