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Sustainability from track to road

When you think about a 1,000 hp Formula 1 race car, words like speed and competition likely come to mind. But now sustainability could also be added [...]
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More power from smaller motors

A new high-performance two-piece polymer cage pushes SKF’s Hybrid deep groove ball bearing into new limits and gives more flexibility in the design [...]
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Hybrid bearings in chiller application

Hybrid Bearings – The coming industry standard

Electrification, CO2 reduction, and digitalization - a selection of global trends, which are not only changing our experience of planet Earth, but [...]
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Hybrid bearing

Uncovering the secret life of bearings

We've all heard of the butterfly effect - how small changes at an early stage can have tremendous effects later down the line. The way we see it, [...]
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Benefits of hybrid bearings in severe conditions

Benefits of hybrid bearings in severe conditions

Hybrid bearings have shown good performance in poor lubrication and contaminated conditions, but the understanding of the contributing mechanisms and [...]
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New test methods on ceramic rolling elements

Certain highly demanding applications are best served with bearings that constitute a combination of steel rings with ceramic rolling elements, [...]
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Developments in ceramic bearing balls

The need to provide solutions for high-performance applications in advanced gas turbines initially drove the development of ceramic rolling elements [...]
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