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Engineering Competence

Wind turbines loom large

Tailored solutions that involve novel bearing and condition monitoring systems lie behind the latest advances in wind turbine technology. SKF has [...]
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A concrete cooperation

Skyscrapers, bridges, roads and dams are all made of concrete, the world’s most widely used building material. Cement is its key ingredient, and [...]
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Engineering Competence

High-speed bearing system for future generations of paper machines

SKF has created the VA460 family of high-speed bearings to meet the requirements of the paper industry for ever-faster paper machines.
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Angels afloat

Up in Alaska’s oil-tanker lanes, powerful tugboats watch over their big brothers.
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VCP boosts performance

A Brazilian paper producer discovers the benefits of SKF’s integrated maintenance solutions contract.
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A clean start

With 100 years of combined experience in product design and manufacturing for the commercial laundry industry, BMC Technologies Inc offers a line of [...]
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Thrust to trust

Something new is propelling ships to their destinations. It’s a pod that hangs off the ship and allows it greater manoeuvrability, while at the same [...]
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