Digital Technology

Inside look

Hungarian company Mediso’s innovative combination of two medical-imaging techniques is providing doctors with cutting-edge imagery of the human body.
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Digital Technology

New launches

1 CPMA and CPMB telescopic pillars have been introduced by SKF. The pillars offers a complete, optimized lifting solution for a range of medical [...]
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Digital Technology

’Bot to trot

Scientists in Italy are developing a robotic horse to go where humans dare not tread.
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Digital Technology

The maintenance club

SKF has launched an online network to connect maintenance professionals around the world. The website features discussion rooms where people can [...]
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Digital Technology

The power was released in Hanover

Several major launches of new products and solutions attracted visitors to the SKF booth, among them:
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Digital Technology

Kitchen footwork

“Honey, could you pedal up some whipped cream, and I’ll stomp out some ground coffee?”
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Digital Technology

Machine health monitor

The new, low-cost SKF Machine Condition Indicator aims to save plant operators time and money by monitoring machines not usually checked on a regular [...]
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