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Modular electromechanical actuator


SKF has launched the versatile CASM 100 electromechanical actuator with a variety of different modules, making it exceptionally adaptable and able to [...]
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Engineering Competence

Let there be light

Imagine living in shadows for six months of the year. This was the harsh reality for the inhabitants of the Norwegian village of Rjukan, located some [...]
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Sun trackers

California-based SolFocus shines at generating renewable energy with sophisticated, reliable solar panels.
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Sensor sensibility

Handling with sheet metal has been likened to working with “a fast-moving guillotine.” In Perth, Australia, Lazer Safe builds advanced systems that [...]
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Making life easier with a handy move

Belgium’s Handi-Move International, a manufacturer of lift and care systems, is looking to fill the needs of aging populations and disabled people [...]
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The real thing

    Counterfeit copies of products not only destroy the value of the trusted brands that they imitate, but they also put the businesses and lives [...]
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From wood to watts

Responsible environmental behavior takes many forms. For example, at Zellstoff- und Papierfabrik Rosenthal GmbH, surplus electrical power from the [...]
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