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Green innovations at SKF supporting the automotive industry

With its commitment to sustainability throughout its own organization, SKF has a wealth of technical expertise in green solutions. This knowledge is [...]
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High speed in railways

Speed has been the essence of railways since the first steam locomotive made its appearance in 1804. SKF remains at the forefront of high-speed train [...]
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Smart Housing – the integrated sensor solution

Smart Housing is a way of integrating sensors into a housing to allow monitoring and control of critical bearing applications. It is a robust system [...]
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Sensors for railway bearing units

Wheel slide and skidding on railway vehicles can be avoided by using systems similar to antilock braking systems for cars and trucks. SKF has [...]
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Bumper-to-bumper bearings

Jaguar’s new X-Type is a study in performance and technological innovation. The four-door, all-wheel-drive sports sedan, now available, is equipped [...]
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Added safety for today’s railway industry

A new bogie monitoring system helps increase railway reliability and safety and at the same time lowers life cycle costs.
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Right on track with bogie monitoring system

Sécheron of Switzerland and SKF are developing a new bogie monitoring system for railway cars. Due to be launched this year, the system continuously [...]
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