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Electric motor fitted with sensorised bearing

Compact and reliable motor encoder technology

With AC motors now dominant in a wide range of industrial applications, there is increasing demand for more reliable methods of monitoring motor [...]
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Reliable motor control with newest generation SKF sensor bearings

The growing use of AC motors in a wide range of industrial applications increases the demand for accurate monitoring of speed and direction, even in [...]
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Backwards into the future

Northern Europe’s biggest tractor manufacturer, Valtra, helps farmers work more comfortably and efficiently forwards and backwards, with unique [...]
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Damage mechanisms of indentations in raceways of rolling bearings

Indentation marks in rolling bearing raceways are known to be a source of surface damage, resulting in shorter bearing service life. SKF bearing life [...]
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Stop-start technology on two wheels

The global market for motorcycles, scooters and mopeds is forecast to reach 75 million units by 2015 – a trend driven by growing urbanization and [...]
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Green innovations at SKF supporting the automotive industry

With its commitment to sustainability throughout its own organization, SKF has a wealth of technical expertise in green solutions. This knowledge is [...]
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A flash of power

A small US-based car manufacturer has come up with an electric car with performance that can match – or even outperform – most of its petrol-driven [...]
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