Vibration analysis at your finger tips

Vibration analysis at your finger tips

MicroVibe™ is the latest portable vibration test and measurement instrument from SKF. 

Low-cost, compact and lightweight, it is an advanced vibration meter made to fit the Springboard™ expansion slot of the Handspring™ Visor personal digital assistant (PDA). 

MicroVibe makes sophisticated analysis of rotating equipment available to virtually any technician in any commercial or industrial setting. 

Full of advanced features, including user-selectable measurement units, the instrument offers vibration, time-waveform, and FFT spectrum plots. 

It also provides technicians with judgement criteria based on ISO standards, enabling an immediate assessment of a machine’s

Since the MicroVibe uses a commercial off-the-shelf PDA, it is also fully functional for other applications, which can save costs.  For example, a user may synchronise the Handspring Visor to a desktop computer using the available software for data extraction. 


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