Housing in washdown

The road to hygienic design

Despite the strictest cleaning regime, housed bearings can still risk food safety – unless there is a thorough understanding where such risks come [...]
Bearing housings,Bearing units,Food and Beverage,

Uptime All the Time

Apart from planned stops, the machines in Sweden’s Iggesund pulp and paperboard mill run day and night, all year round – in hot, humid and [...]
Condition monitoring,Pulp and paper,Reliability,

A clean start for bearing performance

Cleanliness is a critical factor for bearing performance and reliability. In the battle against contamination, prevention is always better than cure. [...]

Simulation software saves the day

SimPro Quick, SKF’s simulation software, came to the rescue when engineers at Italian-headquartered ESPE faced a seemingly insoluble alternator [...]
Design,Electricity, gas and water supply,

A turnaround for oil and gas in Indonesia

In a rapidly shifting market environment, Indonesia’s oil and gas industry needed to boost its operational efficiency. The solution involved a new [...]
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Smooth running in Mainz

The city of Mainz, capital of the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate, has had a tramway network in operation since 1883. Today, the popular service [...]

Improving performance at the Karlsborg paper mill

Swedish BillerudKorsnäs and SKF are partnering to reduce maintenance costs and improve production output and sustainability performance at the [...]