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Condition Monitoring with AI at Your Elbow

A research project at Luleå University of Technology in northern Sweden, in collaboration with SKF, is bringing the power of generative artificial [...]
Artificial intelligence,Bearings,Condition monitoring,Maintenance,
Digital Technology

A safe place to innovate

Annika Ölme, chief technology officer for the SKF Group, describes her formula for innovation and technological evolution while championing diversity [...]
Digital Technology,Digitization,Industry,Sustainability,Talent,
Engineering Competence

Across the heavens

SKF technology prepares to help astronomers see farther than ever before.
Bearings,Design,Engineering Competence,Reliability,Spherical roller bearings,
Engineering Competence

Material insights: Case-carburized bearings undergoing standing contact loading

Study enhances understanding and offers practical method for assessing the performance of case carburized bearings.
Bearing life,Bearings,Metals,Research and development,

Forcing the shift towards renewables

Cutting carbon emissions is critical in the journey towards net zero. And it can be achieved in many ways – from boosting energy efficiency to using [...]
Energy and sustainability management,Industry,Sustainability,
Engineering Competence

When precision is key

Martin Molin has a grand plan: to perfect the design of his “marble machine”, an innovative musical instrument that plays music through the use of [...]
Bearings,Design,Engineering Competence,Machinery and equipment,Mechatronics,Talent,
Engineering Competence

Understanding and Mitigating Electric Discharge Damage in Electric Vehicle Motor Bearings

Fundamental study reveals strategies for diminishing electric erosion damage in EV motor bearings.
Cars,Electricity,Other products,Research and development,Traction motor bearing units,Transportation and logistics,

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