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Bearings in a continuous caster

Remanufacturing bearings

For many medium- to large-size bearings in a number of demanding industries, remanufacturing can offer considerable benefits, including lower [...]
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As good as new

As good as new

Going circular – reusing, remanufacturing and recycling – could mean massive gains for the economy and the planet.
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Seated on high

A giant statue in Hong Kong enjoys – and provides – spectacular views.
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Solutions for drive systems

Drive systems for railway applications such as gearboxes and traction motors have to be powerful, meet environmental regulations, be very reliable, [...]
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Local solution for reconditioning saves time and money

SEW-Eurodrive is expected to cut costs in half by ­turning to the SKF Solution Factory in Tianjin, China, for the ­servicing of its wide variety of [...]
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Fitting steel & green into the same sentence

The global steel industry faces a tough challenge: to meet higher demand by increased production, to reduce the negative environmental impact, and to [...]
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Wind industry service center and global technical center in Shanghai

News The SKF Asia Pacific wind industry service center was inaugurated at the SKF Solution Factory in Shanghai, China, in April 2010. This is the [...]
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