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Sherry Lassiter, Fab Foundation

The FABulous Sherry Lassiter

Sherry Lassiter dreams of a world in which almost anyone anywhere can make almost anything. Through the FAB Lab network – 1,200 labs in 100 countries [...]
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Uniti’s two-seater lightweight car

Not just another electric car

Uniti engineers are nothing if not passionate. Their constantly updated YouTube videos, all in the name of transparency, exude a passion usually [...]
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Digital Technology
The fourth industrial revolution

Industry’s fourth big wave

The fourth Industrial Revolution, the Industrial Internet of Things, is now sweeping the planet. In part, it promises to boost industrial efficiency [...]
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Engineering Competence
Motorbike with GEM in-wheel electric motor

GEM in-wheel electric motors on the rise

In-wheel electric motors have been around since the late 1800s, but they have come into their own recently with advancements in electric motor [...]
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Digital Technology
Danica Kragic talks about ethical robots

Danica Kragic is on a mission to create ethical robots

Professor Danica Kragic is on a mission to create ethical robots that do the things we don’t want to do, can’t do or shouldn’t do. At the same time, [...]
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A sunny new world

A sunny new world

The future energy landscape is still largely terra incognita, but with the growing demand for ­energy satisfied by a rapidly expanding renewable [...]
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Robots in the oil-drilling arena

Robots in the oil-drilling arena

Norwegian robotics company Robotic Drilling Systems A/S is changing the face of oil drilling with robots that can substitute for humans on the most [...]
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