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At the boundary between lubrication and wear (part 1)

New evidence shows that good lubrication of gears and bearings requires only a very thin layer of lubricant separating the moving surfaces.Recent [...]
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Engineering polymers for designer cages

Polymer materials are increasingly replacing metal in bearing cage design. The factors behind this growth are linked to improvements in engineering [...]
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Creating the right environment for compressor bearings

The refrigeration compressor industry is in a state of change. The thrust of this change is to develop more environmentally friendly, cost-effective [...]
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Spherical roller bearings in fans

Fan-related bearing problems represent a significant proportion of failures presented to SKF engineers. This has led to the development of solutions [...]
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Making quality bearing steel

Demands on rolling bearing reliability and performance are continually increasing. Bearings are required to last longer and transmit ever higher [...]
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CARB – three bearings in one

Customer demands for a space saving and robust bearing with low friction, resulted in CARBTM, a new type of bearing, which permits both large axial [...]
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Seal analysis pays

In today’s bearing systems, the seal is often the weakest link – the easiest point of exit for vital lubricants and the first point of attack for [...]
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