New lever-action transfer pump

New lever-action transfer pump

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SKF now offers the Lincoln model 1392 lever-action transfer pump for diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). This pump is designed to simplify the transfer of bulk fluids to smaller DEF containers or directly into vehicle reservoirs.

Featuring the industry-preferred polypropylene construction and PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) seals, this durable pump is made to last. Its telescoping pickup tube adjusts to fit a wide range of tank depths, increasing versatility. In addition, the pump’s unique locking ring lets the user place the nozzle in the optimum position to reduce pump load.

Its threaded 50-millimetre bung mounts securely to bulk DEF tanks, providing stable pumping action while also helping prevent contamination that can damage the catalytic properties of DEF. A nozzle hanger keeps the hose within reach and off the floor.

The pump package includes a premium non-kink 1.8-metre hose with a 19-millimetre (0.75-inch) outlet nozzle that fits all standard DEF reservoirs. It also has a 45-degree nozzle for dispensing fluid at the pump head.

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