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Mountain bike with SKF MTRX bearings

Solid performance

Mountain bikes perform in an environment of dirt, dust, mud and water. But these conditions are tough on a bike’s bearings. In Germany, Benjamin [...]
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Motorbike with GEM in-wheel electric motor

GEM in-wheel electric motors on the rise

In-wheel electric motors have been around since the late 1800s, but they have come into their own recently with advancements in electric motor [...]
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Green glamour on two wheels

When Gregory Peck squired Audrey Hepburn around Rome on a Vespa in Roman Holiday, the 1953 film forever linked scooters with style and glamour. [...]

The figo factor

Turning an enthusiasm for all things motorcycle into an international company is what four guys from Italy did in the space of a few years. Their [...]
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Fork mud scraper kit

Developed specifically for the demands of off-road and racing motorcycles, SKF’s fork mud scraper kit is an innovative solution providing increased [...]
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Ride on

A long way from its humble beginnings, the sport of mountain biking is on a roll.
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Stop-start technology on two wheels

The global market for motorcycles, scooters and mopeds is forecast to reach 75 million units by 2015 – a trend driven by growing urbanization and [...]
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