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New products benefit the wind industry

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The operators of wind farms stand to gain significant benefits from two recently launched SKF products. SKF Condition Based Lubrication and the SKF axial excluder seal address two common maintenance problems facing the industry.

SKF Condition Based Lubrication enables remote and automatic lubrication of a wind turbine’s difficult-to-access bearing system, eliminating the need for an on-site service engineer to perform extra manual lubrication. The system is an interface that enables a connection between the condition monitoring (SKF WindCon) and SKF or Lincoln lubrication systems (SKF WindLub).

Reacting to the problems detected by the condition monitoring system (CMS), SKF Condition Based Lubrication allows a lubrication pump to initiate additional lubrication cycles to the existing time-based cycle. A condition monitoring specialist can set the proper alarm settings to trigger additional lubrication cycles.

Harry Timmerman, product manager SKF WindCon, says, “As an inclusion to an already planned investment in lubrication systems and CMS, SKF Condition Based Lubrication is a very cost-effective add-on.”

Meanwhile, SKF has launched the axial excluder seal, aimed at addressing the harsh conditions that wind turbine main shafts face. The axial excluder seal can deliver a significantly extended service life and contaminant protection for increased wind turbine reliability and reduced maintenance costs. Ultimately, the seal can help wind farm operators reduce the risks of contaminant-related bearing failures.

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