The beginning of the future

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It seems a long time since the turn of the millennium, with all its apprehension about failing computer systems and the fear of its consequences. Fortunately, the misgivings came to nought. The first full decade of this millennium brought some good times, and the number of people with a living standard below subsistence level continued to decrease. We have seen a tremendous upswing in Asia in particular, which is promising to shift the economic balance worldwide. But we have also experienced the worst downturn since the 1930s.

What to make of this now that we are in the early 2010s? Have people and nations learned the lesson about the delicate balance between spending and income, or will gold continue to be more trusted than the major currencies?

Growth is still the key to success, but we will see a continuously stronger focus on a sustainable economy that will take into account the legacy we will hand over to our children. The global interconnection will expand even further, and we will become increasingly dependent of one another on all levels. And the most valued ability in order to succeed in this ever-changing world will certainly be a good ability to adapt.

In this issue of Evolution we introduce a new structure and flexibility to the content.

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