Training helps plants maintaina better bottom line

   The Reliability Maintenance Institute, which is the training arm of SKF Service, is designed to assist manufacturing companies in each of these areas.

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Reliability Maintenance Institute offers a variety of training programs designed to help plants get the most for their maintenance dollars.Manufacturers are under a great deal of pressure to provide the highest possible quality at the lowest possible cost. But with maintenance staffs being downsized and manufacturing processes running faster and faster, it is not easy to keep today’s sophisticated machines running smoothly and reliably.
To achieve these goals, precision installation and maintenance are absolutely critical. The latest condition monitoring tools and techniques must be employed. In addition, everyone involved in the maintenance function must work together to implement a successful machinery improvement program.

   The Reliability Maintenance Institute, which is the training arm of SKF Service, is designed to assist manufacturing companies in each of these areas.

   According to Joe Bruno, manager of Reliability Maintenance Training for SKF, “Many companies offer one type of training or another. But only SKF offers a comprehensive program that covers every aspect of machine reliability and addresses the technical and managerial needs of everyone in the company, from the shop floor to the president’s office.”

Wide range of courses
Reliability Maintenance Institute courses are divided into three main groups, each of which plays a critical role in achieving maximum machine reliability. These main course groups are:
Bearing Maintenance and Service – Bearing Maintenance and Service courses evolved from the well-known SKF Bearing Maintenance Institute and they address every factor that impacts bearing service life. The emphasis here is on improving bearing performance, which in turn improves the reliability of rotating equipment in which they are installed.

   Bearing Maintenance and
Service courses include:

  • Bearing Maintenance and Service – A three-day course that covers rolling bearing basics, mounting and dismounting, shaft and housing fits and more.
  • Bearing Reliability in Continuous Casters –
    An application-specific course that offers in-depth coverage of such topics
    as bearing functions, bearing designs and arrangements, etc.

  • Bearing Reliability in Centrifugal Pumps – Designed to provide a clear understanding of the design, installation and maintenance of bearings in centrifugal pumps.
  • Root Cause Bearing Failure Analysis – Attendees learn how to “read” the various signs of stress, strain and wear on a bearing that has failed prematurely.
  • Machine Tool Reliability – Teaches the precision skills necessary to keep machine tool spindles running at peak productivity.
    Proactive Reliability Maintenance Skills – These courses focus on recent advances in machine maintenance technology and show how these new tools and techniques can help plants achieve greater machine reliability. Proactive Reliability Maintenance Skills courses include:

  • Proactive Reliability Maintenance Skills – For mechanics and technicians. Participants learn how to assemble to precision standards, identify the most common causes of premature machine failure and prevent these failures from recurring.
  • Principles of Proactive Reliability Maintenance – Covers the latest in machine maintenance techniques and shows supervisors and managers how to assemble an effective machine reliability program.
  • Proactive Reliability Maintenance for Industry Leaders – For upper-level management staff. This course explains how reliability maintenance positively affects the bottom line.
    Condition Monitoring – In these courses, technicians learn not only how to detect problems before they result in a major machine malfunction or breakdown, but also how to perform root cause failure analysis to prevent problems from recurring. Condition Monitoring courses include:

  • Product Training Courses – These courses offer expert instruction in the application and proper use of advanced condition monitoring tools such as Microlog CMVA60 Portable Data Collector/Analyzer, PRISM4 for Windows, Machine Reliability Inspection (MARLIN®) data management system and SKFmachine software.
  • Technology Courses –
    Individual courses include Fundamentals of Machine Condition, Balancing with Microlog, Machinery Inspection & Evaluation, Advanced Machinery Diagnostics and Lubricant Analysis in Condition Monitoring.

    Some of these training courses involve the use of highly sophisticated diagnostic equipment. Others are more basic in nature and cover such topics as bearing fundamentals and proper lubrication. All courses are conducted by highly experienced SKF Service personnel.

    Convenient locations
    Reliability Maintenance Institute courses are held at numerous SKF and other off-site locations. On-site training is available at any customer location, at any time. Regional seminars are also offered on a periodic basis.

       “As the world’s leading bearing supplier, SKF is one of the foremost authorities on rotating machine maintenance,” says Bruno. “We offer a wealth of product knowledge and application experience. In choosing our training locations, we’ve tried to make it as convenient as possible for companies to access that knowledge and experience.”