A smooth ride with SKF’s new fork seals

A smooth ride with SKF’s new fork seals


Motorcycle front suspension forks perform two key roles. Firstly, they keep the wheels in contact with the ground, improving the grip and therefore the rider’s control. Secondly, they absorb shocks from the ground, thus improving comfort.

Fork seals play a vital role in protecting the suspension system from contaminants such as mud, dust and water. This issue is particularly critical for riders of high-end motorcycle models, who demand the highest performance.

To meet these expectations and to offer enhanced, reliable protection of the interior front suspension components, SKF has developed the Dual Compound Fork Seal Kit. It consists of a dirt scraper and an oil seal, featuring new sealing lip geometries and newly developed, co-moulded rubber compounds. Further, a new metal insert and an open-wound spring on the dirt scraper lip help to prevent the contamination ingress.

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In testing against similar seals, water ingress was reduced by more than 40 percent, dynamic friction was cut in half and static friction was reduced by 60 percent. This results in an arrangement that operates with much reduced contamination for the interior fork mechanism and a smoother ride and better suspension performance in all types of environments.

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