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Bearing Selection Process

When selecting bearings for any purpose, ultimately you want to be certain of achieving the required level of equipment performance – and at the lowest possible cost. Robustness also is very important because the conditions in which your equipment is assembled, operated and maintained may not be precisely known and may, in fact, vary over time. In this recorded webinar you can listen to SKF expert that will guide you how to best select your bearing.

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In addition to the bearing rating life, there are key factors you must consider when putting together the bearing specifications for an application, including:

  • lubricant and supply method
  • shaft and housing fits
  • bearing clearance class
  • cage material and guidance
  • dimensional stability
  • precision requirements
  • bearing sealing
  • mounting method and maintenance

To help evaluate these key factors, this recorded webinar shows a checklist approach tailored to ensure well working bearing arrangement designs.  Listen to our expert, Hans Wendeberg Senior Application Expert, while he guide us in how to select the right bearing for the right application and what the bearing will be exposed to – for best performance and longest life cycle.

SKF Bearing Selection Process

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The process provides a straightforward step-by-step approach that shows the general relationship between each step. By clearly defining and naming the steps in this way, it should be easier to find information on a specific topic. Find more information on

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