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Boralex wind power

An industrial approach

With its roots in paper manufacturing, Boralex is now a major player in the onshore wind power industry in France. The company operates in a dynamic [...]
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Digital Technology
The SKF Enlight Centre features a radically simplified user interface.

Launch of Enlight Centre

The SKF Enlight Centre is a first-of-its-kind, asset based (as opposed to measurement focused) machine health monitoring system, featuring a [...]
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Digital Technology
When smaller is better

When smaller
is better

Backed by its 200 years of industrial experience, Finnish company Valmet is rising to the challenges of the digital era.
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Reducing wind turbine operating costs through a statistical approach

Reducing wind turbine operating costs through a statistical approach

For the wind energy industry, Operation and Maintenance (O&M) costs are unavoidable and expensive. Failure to implement effective O&M strategies [...]
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Monitoring at sea

Greek shipping company Tsakos Columbia Shipmanagement S.A.  (TCM) is equipping its entire fleet with SKF Marine Condition Monitoring Kits, an [...]
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Power from the biomasses

Strict EU renewable energy policies kick-started a change of mindset at a biomass power plant in Poland.
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Strategic agreements with ReGen Powertech…

A strategic agreement has been signed by SKF and ReGen Powertech, a leading Indian wind turbine manufacturer. Under the agreement, SKF will supply [...]
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