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Investing for the future

The 87-year-old Munksund paper mill in northern Sweden is kept up to date to meet the demands of today’s customers. One of the latest improvements is [...]
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The SKF Machine Tool Observer MTx

SKF has developed a stand-alone data logger system and crash detection system, SKF Machine Tool Observer MTx, especially for surveillance of machine [...]
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No time to waste

The pulp and paper industry can conjure up images of black smoke, dirty rivers and forest clear-cutting. But one Canadian company is working hard to [...]
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A cultural question

The Grigiškės paper mill in Vilnius, Lithuania, was having problems with equipment reliability. A team of SKF experts contributed to minimize [...]
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A new development for emission monitoring on board ships

SKF Blohm + Voss Industries has launched the Turbulo BlueMon emission-monitoring system, which can record all relevant emissions on board a ship in a [...]
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A steady flow

­The Swedish state-owned company Vattenfall is one of Europe’s largest electricity producers, with operations in the Nordic countries, Germany, [...]
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Life-cycle partnership in railways

SKF is at the forefront of developments in rail technology enabling the production of faster, quieter, safer and more efficient trains, and it [...]
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