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Powerful performance

SKF is supplying Daimler with wheel hub bearing units for front and rear wheels on its new small SUV Mercedes-Benz GLA. SKF’s wheel hub bearing units [...]
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Engineering Competence

Advanced engineering

The newly launched second-generation Volvo XC90 is equipped with SKF wheel hub bearing units, for both two-wheel drive and four-wheel [...]
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Engineering Competence

How modelling and simulation helped build the world’s largest observation wheel

When you are building the largest observation wheel in the world, Las Vegas’ High Roller, you had better make sure that you use the best-engineered [...]
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Strategic partnerships

A range of new partnerships signed with global manufacturers will see more SKF products used in a wider range of wind turbines, helicopter engines [...]
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Extreme Ferrari

Ferrari’s new 963-hp, V12-powered hypercar model named LaFerrari recently made a splash at the Geneva Inter­national Motor Show. Production of this [...]
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In-wheel deal

US-based technology company Protean Electric and SKF have signed a five-year partnership agreement. Initial projects include a custom-made wheel hub [...]
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The finishing touch

Groundbreaking technology gives industrial floors higher quality and an extended life.
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