Improving performance at the Karlsborg paper mill

Swedish BillerudKorsnäs and SKF are partnering to reduce maintenance costs and improve production output and sustainability performance at the Karlsborg paper mill in Kalix, Sweden. The mill produces more than 300,000 tonnes of packaging and kraft paper per year.

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Real-time data from a new system with 480 connected condition monitoring points will be analysed at SKF’s Rotating Equipment Performance Centre in Gothenburg, Sweden. Combined with a new, performance-based business model, smarter and faster decisions can be made by the mill’s operators and SKF’s engineers to improve its performance.

In addition to higher output, these insights, combined with SKF’s knowledge of lubrication management support, can contribute to extended bearing and seal service life as well as reduce the use of lubrication fluids. In doing so, SKF is able to support the mill’s ambitions to minimize the environmental impact of its operations, whilst also reducing costs.

“By working together, we enable faster, better decision making by operators, improving output and helping machines perform as they were designed to,” says SKF President and CEO Alrik Danielson. “By adopting a performance-based business model, we directly align our interests with those of the customer, helping to improve their performance whilst reducing the unnecessary waste that results from a transactional business model.”

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