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New axlebox design for the railway freight mar‍ket

SKF has developed a new design for axleboxes to help customers reduce weight and improve the performance of bogies while reducing the environmental impact. The new Y25 axlebox, designed for axle loads up to 25 tons, complies with industry standards.

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Including bearing housing, front cover, sealing collars and fasteners the new housing weighs 80 kg which is significantly lighter than earlier SKF Y25 models. This is mainly due to design and material changes. With a lower unsprung mass, the new housing helps to reduce component, track and infrastructure wear. Weight reduction of rolling stock is one of the key priorities in the railway industry to meet sustainability and efficiency goals.

The new design fe‍a‍tures will offer more opportunities and flexibility for wheelset designs in freight.
Stefan Gladeck, director railway, SKF

The axlebox is manufactured in SKFs in-house production facility in France.

“Our customers are looking for more sustainable solutions. Any weight reduction of the components will impact the energy balance of the train and support the ability to add additional cargo,” says Stefan Gladeck, director railway, SKF. “The new design features will offer more opportunities and flexibility for wheelset designs in freight”.

The new Y25 is design-ready for various bearing types, allowing for greater choices when designing or exchanging bearing solutions to optimize the wheelset performance. This includes cylindrical roller bearings and units and tapered roller bearing units.

The updated design of the Y25 axlebox is fully interchangeable with existing axlebox assemblies.

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