SKF Quick Collect to be implemented in Capital’s ship fleet

SKF Quick Collect to be implemented in Capital’s ship fleet

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SKF Quick Collect is a condition-based monitoring program that is built into a handheld device.

The program enables ship operators to control costs and avoid damaging equipment breakdowns. Greek Capital Ship Management Corp., a leading operator with a fleet that includes 48 tankers, seven LNG carriers and one modern Capesize (a ship too large to transit the Suez Canal) bulk carrier, is in the process of implementing SKF Quick Collect across this fleet, starting with 30 vessels.

SKF helped the company determine which onboard equipment should be regularly monitored.

Onboard engineers use the handheld device to collect vibration data from critical machinery, including cargo pumps, engine-room fans, compressors, purifiers and electric motors. The device is small and portable, and it offers a fast, convenient way of monitoring the condition of critical machinery. Vibration data is provided in real time, enabling engineers to carry out maintenance and replace components immediately if required.

The quick and accurate vibration data analysis is particularly easy to use, making it a powerful diagnostic tool, not only for chief engineers but also for technical superintendents.

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