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Study of lubricated interfaces

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SKF and the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) in Lyon, France, have announced the creation of a Chair of Education and Research.

The Chair will run for six years and is dedicated to the study of lubricated interfaces. It is supported by a sponsorship from the Foundation INSA Lyon and is under the dual leadership of Philippe Vergne, head of “LaMCoS”, an INSA research laboratory dedicated to the mechanics of contacts and structures, and Guillermo E Morales Espejel, SKF principal scientist on tribology, lubrication and bearing life and visiting professor at LaMCoS since 2004.

“The launch of the Chair is the result of a relationship of trust and a successful partnership established for more than 12 years between LaMCoS and SKF R&D,” Vergne says. “This new cooperation framework will promote the development of multidisciplinary research in the field of engineering sciences, will attract the best researchers and will increase awareness of both partners, academia and industry.”

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