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Green growth

Now being rolled out across the world is the network of SKF Solution Factory facilities, which provide local entry points for customers to gain [...]
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Magnetic approach to improve the efficiency of watertreatment plants

In a world of finite resources, clean water is a commodity that continues to be more and more valuable. It is a global priority to make sure that we [...]
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How black oxide-coated bearings can make an impact on cutting O&M costs for wind turbines

Wind energy companies are constantly seeking ways to reduce turbine operating costs. Black oxide-coated bearings are one solution. SKF offers an [...]
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The power was released in Hanover

In April 2013, after an eight-year intermission, SKF returned to Hannover Messe, the global industrial trade fair in Germany. With the slogan [...]
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Premature bearing failures in wind gearboxes and white etching cracks (WEC)

Wind turbine gearboxes are subjected to a wide variety of operating conditions, some of which may push the bearings beyond their limits. Damage may [...]
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Tracking a star to power a planet

The global solar energy market’s unprecedented growth has resulted in the twin challenges of delivering ever-higher performance and at the same time [...]
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Spin doctors

Engineering company Sincro Mecánica helps to make sure ageing turbines stay productive at Spain’s leading wind farms.
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