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Simplifying waste grease removal with reusable cartridge

Grease removal methods have become increasingly important to production and maintenance personnel. To address the issue SKF has introduced a reusable [...]
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Martin Zverina, manager SKF lubrication systems plant

Always right on the spot

Spandau Pumpen handles the coolant supply for machine tools at the SKF Lubrication Systems plant in the Czech Republic.
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LubriLean product range

Minimum Quantity Lubrication reduces total cost of ownership

Minimum Quantity Lubrication is becoming increasingly popular in machining processes, as it is sustainable and environmentally friendly while [...]
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Purple harvest

Saffron growers in northern Greece are investigating new uses and new markets for an ancient spice.
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Greener oil development

With a name like Ecopetrol, Colombia’s largest oil producer has a visible commitment to sustainable development. Investors are taking notice.
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In the kiln zone

When Belgian mining company Argex wanted to replace the support roller units on its rotary kiln, it looked to long-time supplier SKF.
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New offerings for the wind industry

  SKF offers a wide range of solutions for vital wind turbine components that are designed to enhance a turbine’s performance and increase its [...]
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