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Industrial bearing remanufacturing and the circular economy

Replacing industrial bearings can be expensive and energy-consuming. Bearing remanufacturing offers a cheaper, more environmentally sustainable option. In this recorded webinar you will learn more about bearing remanufacturing and it's benefits.

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Global environmental challenges like resource constraints require a transition from a linear towards a circular economy. Replacing industrial bearings can be expensive and energy-consuming. How much CO2 emission can be avoided by remanufacturing bearings instead of replacing them by new ones? Is your bearing is viable for remanufacturing?

Bearing Remanufacturing is one of SKFs Cleantech offering supporting this transition. Listen to Hannes Leopoldseder, Business Unit Manager of the Industrial Services Centre in Steyr Austria, while he provides insights on how SKF bearing remanufacturing is supporting the transition from a linear economy towards a circular one.

Bearing remanufacturing

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Remanufacturing is a major contributing element to reduce the life cycle cost of your industrial equipment. Our centres offer professional capabilities to refurbish, recondition, rework or upgrade your key industrial components and systems. Find more information on

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