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Engineering Competence

When precision is key

Martin Molin has a grand plan: to perfect the design of his “marble machine”, an innovative musical instrument that plays music through the use of [...]
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Engineering Competence
A friction fighter with a dream

A friction fighter with a dream

Growing up with two volcanologist parents on the seismically active eastern edge of Siberia, Sergei Glavatskih seemed destined to be a scientist too. [...]
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Keep on the sunny side

Jeremy Leggett, a leading solar energy entrepreneur and climate change expert, is cautiously optimistic about the future of humanity.
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Digital Technology

A defender of free expression

Ulla Carlsson is the world’s first professor of free speech, focusing on media development and global policy. The challenge is timely – free speech [...]
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Engineering Competence

Dedicated to tribology

Roberto Bassani has been fascinated by the science of tribology since the term was coined in 1966. Today, he is focusing on the future of high-speed [...]
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Engineering Competence

True to the idea

Making a discovery that challenges a deep-rooted scientific paradigm is asking for trouble. Israeli scientist Dan Shechtman knows all about it. It [...]
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Engineering Competence

Natural design

Naturalist Janine Benyus has helped pioneer the field of biomimicry. She argues that studying and adapting designs, models and systems from nature [...]
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