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Biodegradable lubricants push forward

In addition to performance, other requirements are becoming increasingly important for lubricants. Chief among these is biodegradability.Lubricants [...]
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Lubrication of bearings at low temperatures

In low-temperature conditions, lubrication media must be carefully selected, taking into account the whole range of temperatures over which machinery [...]
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Biodegradable bearing grease available

SKF has introduced a new biodegradable, low-toxicity “green” grease, LGGB 2. The grease is an environmentally friendly alternative to standard [...]

Low friction in Ukraine windmill

Ukraine has put into operation a vertical 450-kilowatt windmill for power generation. Located in Evpatoria, Crimea, and designed by Ukrainian company [...]
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Narrow escape

Work on Amsterdam's magnificent network of canals and bridges began in the 17th century. Today those canals and bridges are beautiful city sights [...]
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At the boundary between lubrication and wear (part two)

The first part of this article was published in Evolution 2/98. This is the second and last part.For more than 100 years, researchers have looked at [...]
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High standard of steel

U.S. company Bethlehem Steel uses 228 cranes to keep the flow of materials moving through the manufacturing process at its Indiana facility. Perhaps [...]
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