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Engineering Competence

The future of condition monitoring

SKF Insight technology is a new paradigm in condition monitoring focused on measuring parameters that detect damaging operating conditions rather [...]
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Purple harvest

Saffron growers in northern Greece are investigating new uses and new markets for an ancient spice.
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Engineering Competence

Why the world revolves thanks to tribology

SKF’s sponsorship of the Fifth World Tribology Congress (WTC), held in Turin, Italy, reflects the importance of this science to the world of bearings [...]
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Wine, clean water and oil are among the many commodities whose production requires the removal of solids from liquids. Alfa Laval’s decanter [...]
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Digital Technology

Northern node

Cooperation between SKF and Luleå University of Technology in Sweden is yielding significant bene­fits for all involved. SKF is able to explore new [...]
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Engineering Competence

Dynamic simulation – Building knowledge in product development

BEAST is an advanced dynamic simulation tool for rolling bearings and other mechanical systems with contacts. As proprietary SKF software, it helps [...]
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Digital Technology

In the cloud

The cloud’s remote computing resources have radically transformed many industries. Now, after a slow start, global manufacturers are closely [...]
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