One million units sold

Sensorised bearings

In November 2005, SKF celebrated the millionth sensor-bearing unit sold to a customer. The unit was produced in St-Cyr-sur-Loire, France.

SKF’s production of sensor-bearing units, which began in 1995, was, until a few years ago, carried out in short series. However, sensor bearings have grown to replace position encoders in such applications as industrial asynchronous motors and steer-by-wire systems. In 2004, the market volume justified the creation of a new stand-alone product department. This product line is showing an average growth rate of 25 percent per year. SKF’s sensor-bearing units are sold worldwide, and SKF keeps a leading role in terms of range, volume and technology. The value provided by SKF is a compact and robust mechatronic solution, easy to integrate in the customer application environment.

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