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Mexico’s mighty miners

Mexicans have been exploiting their nation’s rich geology since before the Spanish conquistadors arrived. Today their top mining companies are among [...]
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Blowing in the wind

The Chinese government’s support of green energy has helped China’s largest wind power equipment manufacturer, Goldwind, to double its turnover in [...]
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Highly reliable rolling bearings and arrangements for the hydrocarbon processing industry

Commercial pressures within the hydrocarbon processing industry mean that operating refineries and other installations demand high reliability and [...]
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From wood to watts

Responsible environmental behaviour takes many forms. For example, at Zellstoff- und Papierfabrik Rosenthal GmbH, surplus electrical power from the [...]
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High speed in railways

Speed has been the essence of railways since the first steam locomotive made its appearance in 1804. SKF remains at the forefront of high-speed train [...]
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Towards standardization in upgrading industrial fans

SKF engineers have devised a complete solution for upgrading industrial fans. The focus is to reduce bearing operating temperature to offer increased [...]
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Green bearings

More stringent laws on emissions and waste, greater customer environmental awareness and interest in environmentally-sound products, have forced [...]
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