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Fast, smooth and long-lasting

Fans of skateboarder Oskar “Oski” Rozenberg can now get their hands on his pro bearing set.

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Oski Signature pro bearing sets are now available for order. The bearings, used by elite skateboarder Oskar “Oski” Rozenberg, are presented in a unique packaging, featuring artwork by Oski’s friend David Stenström. Made in Italy by SKF, these high-quality, low-friction bearings run fast and smooth and offer long-lasting performance.

“SKF bearings were some of the first I ever tried, when I was 9 years old,” says Oski. “I was over the mall boards and at the point of setting up proper skateboards.”

He’s already used the bearings in competition – to roll, as he says, “straight into the semi-finals”.

“If they’re good enough for Ishod [award-winning skateboarder Ishod Wair],” Oski says, “they’re good enough for any skater.”

Skaters want a fair price for good quality that lasts a long time. These bearings are all that.
Oskar “Oski” Rozenberg, skateboarder

SKF, of course, has a long history in bearings. In addition to skateboards, SKF bearings are found in just about everything that moves, from F1 cars to jet planes. Will this impress skaters? “I think so, because that brand history is fascinating,” Oski says.

But regardless of this pedigree, he knows that skaters value something more down to earth. “At the end of the day, it’s about practicality,” he says. “Skaters want a fair price for good quality that lasts a long time. These bearings are all that.”

The “fit and forget” mentality is crucial. Because who wants to be tinkering with their wheels all the time?

“It’s important for sure,” says Oski. “You don’t want to have to change them too often.”

There is a science part behind all this – not least, the grease within the bearings (not oil) that helps them run smoother for longer. How does that sit with him? He’s refreshingly honest.

“I’m not an expert on bearing technology,” Oski says, “but that’s why I ride SKF. I know they have that part covered.”

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