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Simple shaft alignment

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SKF has launched a new shaft alignment tool, TMEA 1, for alignment of rotating machinery. It enables the alignment of two horizontal shafts with high accuracy simply and quickly and it requires no prior training.
TMEA 1 is intended for use by maintenance, quality control and service departments, as well as personnel responsible for production and productivity in virtually any industry. The tool uses two measuring units that are provided with a laser diode and a positioning detector. After attaching the measuring units to the shaft couplings, the on-screen instructions guide the user through the alignment procedure. The machine can be correctly positioned according to the calculated values provided on the display.
The functioning and reliability of a machine depend largely on how well its shafts are aligned. Perfect alignment of shafts is crucial to prevent vibration that causes premature bearing failure, shaft fatigue and sealing problems.
It further reduces the risk of overheating and excessive energy consumption. Investigations have shown that about 50 percent of breakdowns in rotating machinery are caused by misalignment of the shafts.

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