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Monitoring at sea

  Greek shipping company Tsakos Columbia Shipmanagement S.A.  (TCM) is equipping its entire fleet with SKF Marine Condition [...]
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Don’t rock the boat

Imagine having a boat ride that’s as smooth as a train trip or an airline flight. With one high-tech device, an American company aims to transform an [...]

Strategic marine segment contract

SKF will supply China Oilfield Services Limited, one of China’s largest ship owners, with propulsion shaft components and application engineering [...]
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A new development for emission monitoring on board ships

SKF Blohm + Voss Industries has launched the Turbulo BlueMon emission-monitoring system, which can record all relevant emissions on board a ship in a [...]
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Taking the plunge

SKF Blohm + Voss Industries has achieved a daring world first – removing a ship’s fin stabilizer while the vessel was still in the water.
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Offshore achievements

Two major breakthroughs have cemented SKF’s reputation as a trusted player in the offshore sector. SKF (UK) Limited Aberdeen, a centre of excellence [...]
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Harnessing the sea

Clean, green and almost limitless – the attributes of wave and tidal energy are extremely attractive to 21st century consumers. Now the hard work [...]
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