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A game changer in motorsport

Electric mobility is at the heart of the environmental transition we are witnessing today. We see this even in motorsport, with the Formula E [...]

Virtual solutions

A solution that is both hardware and software enables test engineers at Scuderia Ferrari in Italy to wirelessly see what’s happening in every power [...]
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Life in the fast lane

Albert Llovera is one of life’s extraordinary people: tenacious, determined, energetic and competitive. He has overcome the consequences of a serious [...]
Engineering Competence

Fork mud scraper kit

Developed specifically for the demands of off-road and racing motorcycles, SKF’s fork mud scraper kit is an innovative solution providing increased [...]

Extreme Ferrari

Ferrari’s new 963-hp, V12-powered hypercar model named LaFerrari recently made a splash at the Geneva Inter­national Motor Show. Production of this [...]
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From the racetrack to the streets

While motorsport has long influenced road vehicle design in both aesthetics and performance, the extreme test environment of Formula 1 now plays a [...]
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Engineering Competence

Fast forward

A group of Dutch students are among those working to make formula racing sustainable.