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Going with the current

Electrifying ships and vessels poses many challenges. But an SKF innovation is paving the way for a new generation of greener, cleaner and more [...]

Sustainability from track to road

When you think about a 1,000 hp Formula 1 race car, words like speed and competition likely come to mind. But now sustainability could also be added [...]
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A game changer in motorsport

Electric mobility is at the heart of the environmental transition we are witnessing today. We see this even in motorsport, with the Formula E [...]
Alessandro Benevelli, commercial director, and Alberto Benevelli, CEO, Benevelli S.r.l.

Electric instinct in Italy

Twenty years ago the Benevelli family shifted the focus of their company from internal combustion engines to all things electric. Today the company, [...]
Uniti’s two-seater lightweight car

Not just another electric car

Uniti engineers are nothing if not passionate. Their constantly updated YouTube videos, all in the name of transparency, exude a passion usually [...]
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Bearing insulation prevents electrical current damage

Bearing insulation prevents electrical current damage

Insulated bearings prevent premature bearing failures eventually caused by stray electrical currents. Insulation properties must remain stable [...]
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Motorbike with GEM in-wheel electric motor

GEM in-wheel electric motors on the rise

In-wheel electric motors have been around since the late 1800s, but they have come into their own recently with advancements in electric motor [...]
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