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Do not jeopardize reliable rotation, use genuine SKF products

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Kjetil Eliassen, Brand Protection Manager, SKF.

The protection of trademark rights is essential to maintain a strong brand, and indeed SKF is firmly positioned as the leading manufacturer of rolling bearings to all industry areas, on all markets.

With regards to brand protection, SKF has a unique approach, built around preventing and protecting customers from buying counterfeit SKF products. The operational involvement and competence in product verification, raising awareness and removing counterfeit products from the market, is what makes SKF brand protection unique among trademark owners.

The fight against counterfeiting is everyone’s responsibility, join and learn how you can be involved!  This session will give you concrete and applicable tools that you can use to protect your business and your customers. Can you afford not to join?

Listen to Kjetil Eliassen, Brand Protection Manager, talk about how SKF works with Brand protection and the importance of using genuine products.

Brand protection @SKFstronger

SKF Authenticate

SKF has a verification service that can be accessed via an application for mobile phones called SKF Authenticate, or via the web at This is for customers, distributors and anyone who has a question about the authenticity of an SKF product. SKF can also verify certificates provided to customers as well as help customers find authorized sources for SKF products. Choose your operating system to download SKF Authenticate for iOS and Android.

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