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Apple makes an example of SKF mobility.

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The “Internet of Things”, “Internet of Anything” or “Industrial Internet”. Call it what you will, but the principle is the same: building a web of connectivity where machines, people and systems achieve unparalleled levels of productivity and efficiency. Its potential is just beginning to be understood, but some predict that this could have a profound impact on the way humankind lives and works.

SKF is already busy contributing to the infrastructure for an “Ecosystem of Anything”. It is applying the power of mobility and industrial data analysis, both in company operations and as a service available to customers. It has distributed more than 10,000 iPads and iPhones company-wide and is creating apps and providing customers with new calculation, measurement and functional mobile solutions that simplify and speed their work and save them money.

And it’s gotten the company noticed.In August 2014 Apple made a series of films highlighting SKF’s work in mobility – especially in app development and with Apple products, of course. But Apple also looked closely at SKF’s approach to mobility in general and showcased some of the innovative ways SKF is applying mobility technology in its operations and to benefit its customers.

Why SKF? Because few industrial companies have made and followed through so thoroughly on a commitment to the “Ecosystem of Anything” as SKF has. Having mobility technology so deeply integrated into an industrial company’s operations is at this point rare enough to get the attention of one of the highest-profile technology companies in the world.

Quite simply, SKF may be working its way into being a role model for the application of mobility in industry. To see what Apple sees in SKF, visit

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