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SKF Logistics Services signed an agreement with AvestaPolarit Welding for the management of the company’s warehousing and goods flow in Europe.
AvestaPolarit is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of stainless steel. The Welding division manufactures welding material for stainless steel in Avesta, Sweden, and operates warehouses in a number of European countries.
SKF Logistics Services has a global, time-phased delivery network that ensures excellent delivery service for internal and external customers all over the world.
“By stocking parts of our production in SKF’s central European warehouse in Belgium and by using its daily delivery system, AvestaPolarit Welding will be able to alter its supply chain process, and this will ensure we meet our customers’ requirements for fast, reliable and cost-effective deliveries,” says Jacob Sandberg, president of AvestaPolarit Welding.

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