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Engineering Competence

Rising in the lift industry

Since its inception in 1970, the Giulio Montanari company has gone from strength to strength. It now provides some 6,000 lift-related products to [...]
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Engineering Competence

A bridge to the history

One of Spain’s most emblematic engineering achievements can be found in the Basque country. It’s the Puente Colgante (the Hanging Bridge), and it [...]
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Digital Technology

Changing the Limits

A new oil platform in Norway is the capstone of a project that sets new records in sub-sea engineering. Oil platforms are amongstthe world’s most [...]
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Engineering Competence

115 years on top

Almost every big city in the world has its trademark symbol. New York has the Statue of Liberty, London has Big Ben and Sydney has its opera [...]
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Engineering Competence

Dry downtown

London’s massive Thames Barrier is often called the eighth wonder of the world.  Inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth II in 1984, the Thames Barrier is the [...]
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Engineering Competence

Smart design

Crown Equipment Corp’s forklifts are not only tough, they’re stylish and smart.Does an industrial vehicle have to look stylish? After all, a forklift [...]
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Small slewing bearings

In June 2001, SKF launched its new line of L-shape slewing bearings to cover small machinery applications ranging from aerial work platforms and [...]
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